Tom Baskeyfield

Place / Ecology / Matter / Spirit

Tom Baskeyfield

Dwellings was created as part of a group show with three friends (Jessica Longmore, Sarah Sanders & Julie del’hopital). ‘IV’ was a collaborative idea which took as its grounding four rules devised by four artists (ourselves) to form a discipline to create a piece of work within a set timeframe.

The rules where: 1. We will not discuss the work. 2. We must spend 52 hours making the work from 1st May 2009. 3. All work should be made at no cost to the artist. 4. We will present one item at the end of the time limit.

The ‘dwellings’ photographed in the work show my current home at the time and a shepherds’ shelter I had come across whilst performing Alternative Routes in the April prior to beginning the work. My initial plan was to walk from my home to the shelter 52 times (it’s about a 30minute walk). But in the end I didn’t mange such discipline, the blank spaces represent the days I didn’t make it. The work is exhibited laid out flat on the ground, with the intension of it being viewed whilst walking.

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