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Tom Baskeyfield

Year on a Hill came about through continued walks close to my home in Macclesfield (UK) and a developing interest in the passing of the seasons (something one notices directly when walking is a regular activity) and their effect on place.

I had come across the path in the winter of 2008 whilst researching another project. It had stayed with me due to its sense of wildness yet relative closeness to town, and the straightness of its path cutting across the hillside (later I became further mesmerised by it when I realised I could see it clearly from town).

I was struck when first there that such a place could exist so close to my childhood home yet I knew nothing of it.

The work is as the title describes – a document of a year on a hill. I videoed a walk along the path once a month, starting west to east, then east to west, and so on until a year had past.

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